I’ve been involved in web, digital marketing, and SEO since 1999, experiencing the dotcom boom and crash at the coalface. Since, I’ve worked on SEO, technical and content, and digital marketing campaigns for companies in travel, financial products, Software as a Service (Saas), and communications.

Current focus is on high-level enterprise technical SEO for ecommerce clients. Day-to-day this means working with ecom platforms like Hybris, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC, previously Demandware), WebSphere, and similar, but also Magento or Shopify. Particularly I untangle difficulties with crawling (obtaining) pages and parsing the content and relationships of pages given high reliance on JavaScript and related problems.

However, I also build automation tools for tracking changes in websites’ HTML/DOM for SEO and performance related issues. This also uses keyword analysis and Natural Language Processing to ensure indexed pages are on track for the desired traffic and rankings, and automatically hightlight keyword and topic gaps compared to competitor sites.

I also train SEO professionals on technical topics and do the occasional public speaking engagements.