This collection of website tools is mainly for SEO, but there’s a number of general checkers in here as well. If you have a great tool that should be included, or know of one, please drop me a line or leave a comment

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

With AMP, websites can publish incredibly fast and pre-cached mobile pages for visitors. The AMP standard is open and available to everyone, and relies on a pared down implementation of HTML (with special ‘amp-[tag]’ markup), CSS, and JavaScript. Mostly used by content publishers, but with a growing adoption among e-commerce sites.

Coding References

Google Updates Tracking

Health Checks & Validators

Mostly these are relevant for more technical audits and checking implementations. Also see “Structured Data / Schema” below.

Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI

Pagespeed Tools

Pagespeed can impact natural search performance, and is a strong user experience consideration. Faster pages lead to more engaged users and slower pages often mean visitors leave the site, or use it less due to frustration.

For organic search, slow pages mean more exits back to search engine results from a website. If this happens frequently, search engines see this as a negative signal.

PHP Setup and Management

Servers & Hosting

Structured Data / Schema

Tools & Tool Collections


Xpath Information