Digital Marketing Terms

Simple, and incomplete, glossary of digital marketing terms. Drop me a line on if you want a term explained.


Attention Ratio

The ratio between [undesired]:[desired] possible actions on a landing page. Lower ratios support better page CTR and CVR


Search Entity

An “entity” is a person, place, or thing. For example, entities often generate Knowledge Graph boxes in Google when they are searched for. RDFa, microdata, or markup can (usually) be applied to an entity to provide semantic information in a computer readable format.


Message Match

Mainly used in PPC. The ad headline and strapline should be replicated on the landing page for a good message match, which supports page performance. Related to Information Scent in overall marketing communications theory. See more here



The ratio of the quantity of goods sold by a retail outlet to the quantity distributed to it wholesale.


Web Light Results

Web Light is a faster and lighter web page technology that is shown to people searching on slow mobile connections. These transformed web pages load 4x faster and use 80% less data, which has made these popular with search engine users. View this site as a Web Light page.

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