On 22 June 2015 I led a roundtable discussion at SEO Bootcamp in London, the discussion covered various eCommerce optimisation issues, and a range of challenges the delegates were currently working on.

eCommerce Roundtable Discussion
eCommerce Roundtable Discussion

“Let’s sit down and talk about unique content, social signals, page titles, content marketing, brand entities, site speed, SSL certificates, image optimisation, re-marketing, XML sitemaps, videos, internal linking, external linking, toxic backlinks, negative SEO, search themes, local search optimisation, Google Now, crawl budget optimisation, keyword research, call tracking, information architecture, merchandising, schema markup, tracking pixels, up & cross-sell tactics, analytics, conversion tracking… feeling overwhelmed by what your ecommerce siteactually needs to perform and make more money? You’re not alone. Centred on Google and Organic Search, this is an intense 60 minute roundtable to cut through the FUD and focus on the activities that bring returns.”

The slides are a summary of a checklist I use to quickly review and prioritise outstanding issues I find with eCommerce websites. The current version of this tool is linked below:

Download the eCommerce Optimisation Checklist
Download the eCommerce Optimisation Checklist

About Search Bootcamp

Search Bootcamp is a full day set of workshops and roundtables allowing SEOs to get together and learn about new developments in search and meet the experts in person. It’s organised by the SEO Monitor team, and you should take a look at their toolset.

Many thanks to my fellow presenters Kelvin Newman(@kelvinnewman), Alexandra Tachalova (@AlexTachalova), Cosmin Negrescu (@ncosmin), Andy Cooney (@Andy_Cooney), Ann Stanley(@AnnStanley), Joe Shervell (@eelselbows), Bastian Grimm (@basgr), and Alec Bertram (@kiwialec) for making it a great event.

And thank you also to Maria, Irina, and Cosmin for inviting me to present.


eCommerce Ranking Factors Slides
eCommerce Optimisation Checklist

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